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Salsa roja de tres chiles para tacos (three chile red salsa for tacos) recipe

Amy Hernandez

As summer heats up so does our love of all things outdoors; and one of the best ways to spend an afternoon outdoors is to grill out. Tacos are a great grilled or roasted outside meal that is sure to please the palate. With its savory mouthwatering morsels of roasted meat topped with the perfectly seasoned salsa, a taco is pure culinary bliss.

Every chef with a love for Mexican cuisine will certainly have a repertoire of salsas to accommodate a variety of tacos, and this salsa roja de tres chiles para tacos is a wonderful addition to that special collection. Slightly tangy with hints of oregano, this more elaborately flavored red salsa is especially suited for roasted pork.

Salsa Roja de Tres Chiles Para Tacos

5 tomatillos

1 roma tomato

4 guajillo chiles, deveined and deseeded

1 ancho chile, deveined and deseeded

30 de arbol chiles, stems removed

2 garlic cloves

½ tsp oregano

¼ tsp whole cumin seed

1 Tb apple cider vinegar

¼ cup finely minced onion

salt to taste

Place tomatillos and tomato in a medium sauce pan, cover with water and bring to a boil. Once the tomatillos are soft, turn off the heat, add dried chiles, and cover. Allow chiles to soak until soft. Place tomatillos, tomato, and rehydrated chiles in blender jar with the next 4 ingredients and blend until smooth. Add some of the cooking liquid as necessary to thin the salsa to your preference. Stir in onion and add salt to taste.

Salsa Roja de Tres Chiles Para Tacos in Chicago:

While you may not find this exact salsa at any local taco joints in Chicago, you will find some great salsas with similar ingredients. El Paso Grande in Aurora sells their own homemade Chile de Arbol salsa which is great for tacos. La Cienega on S. Ewing Ave in Chicago also has an outstanding homemade salsa roja that they serve in their in-house Taqueria.


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