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Salsa dancing


Photo by Iangbl of two dancers competing in a Salsa dance competition.

The lights are dim.  After a long week the lights lend solace and relax like the Martini you are drinking.  You tried it for the first time and everyone was doing it. You even felt like the center of attention. Your problems were gone for five minutes.  It’s addictive. Your legs and hips are burning yet captivated.  Every person is in his or her own world and this is an amazing universe.  Welcome to the universe of salsa dancing. 

Salsa was originally developed in the Caribbean.  Many a style lend themselves to salsa's roots.  In fact it's difficult to credit any one culture with the creation of salsa.  Salsa incorporates body movement, arms, footwork, turns, personality, and other attributes can be brewed into the fluid movement of salsa.  There are many salsa styles to choose from.  Some cities have their own prominent and expressive styles.   Salsa is typically a partner dance. But for the lone wolf, there are solo styles.

Salsa is a very passionate and ADHD (energetic or kinetic if you will) like dance style.  It will take practice to learn the steps as well as the very intricate but spirited turns.  When ever you are ready to leave your comfort zone there are a quite a few lounges that host salsa nights downtown. There are salsa studios in Gainesville to get one’s self acclimated.  Salsa Caliente is one of a few. 

If you are interested in alternative methods in weight loss or alternative methods of fun consider salsa dancing.  Related to salsa dancing are the styles of Bachata and Merengue. They are exciting to learn also.  The former mentioned styles are simpler than salsa by the opinion of most.  These are also fun styles to try that are usually incorporated at salsa clubs or venues.  Salsa is also one of many styles borrowed for zumba fitness.  Salsa is very similar to the Mambo dance style. You already have all the basic information you need.  Whether one knows salsa dancing well or not is no reason to feel intimidated.  Every now and then a change in ones daily itinerary is refreshing. Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.  ~Robert C. Gallagher


For more info:  Speak with your local salsa instructor.



  • Walsta 5 years ago

    Salsa is great exercise. You don't even realize how great it is until you feel it the next morning.