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Salsa By The Bay releases new mobile site

Salsa By The Bay Mobile
Salsa By The Bay Mobile
Salsa By The Bay

Salsa By The Bay, the largest site about salsa dancing in the SF Bay Area, announced today that they have launched a new mobile-enabled site for their users.

Previously, the site had been designed primarily for the desktop, with a complex layout that made navigation difficult on the smaller screen of mobile devices. The new site is much more mobile friendly, with a simplified navigation and larger font sizes which makes reading much easier on mobile screens. The calendar functionality has been completely redone, making it much easier and quicker to find salsa events on-the-go.

The developers of Salsa By The Bay cited their larger number of mobile users as the primary motivation for the creation of the new design. According to source, over 40% of the website's traffic is mobile. Salsa By The Bay visited by over 100,000 people every year, so a significant number of people will benefit from the new mobile design.

The new design can be activated by simply visiting the website on a mobile device. Users can also switch to the mobile design via a link in the footer. No special URLs or apps are necessary, although the company is planning on releasing an app sometime next year.

Founded in 2011, Salsa By The Bay is the most popular site for salsa dancing information in the San Francisco Bay Area. Best described as a "Yelp meets Wikipedia" for salsa dancing, the site features an interactive calendar that lists all the salsa events going on in the Bay Area, and users can leave reviews of events. The site also features a large amount of information about the local salsa scene, including profiles of local salsa instructors, dance teams, djs, and salsa bands.