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Salsa By The Bay releases new kizomba events calendar

Kizomba Dancers
Kizomba Dancers
Salsa by the Bay

Salsa By The Bay announced today the release of their new Kizomba Events Calendar. Kizomba is style of dance that is growing in popularity in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world, and the calendar provides a list of kizomba lessons and events going on throughout the week.

Salsa By The Bay is already a well known site within the Latin dance community in the Bay Area, boasting over 14,000 visitors every month, and provides a comprehensive listing of salsa events in the Bay Area, as well as profiles of local salsa teams, instructors, djs, and musicians. The addition of the kizomba events makes the site an even more helpful resource for people looking to go out dancing in the Bay Area.

Kizomba is a sensual dance style from Angola which has exploded in popularity in recent years, with numerous events throughout the Bay Area, including a number of major festivals. Kizomba is a a very slow and sensual dance, where dancers dance chest-to-chest and dance in small, slow movements, in contrast to the more active style of salsa. Although not technically a Latin dance, kizomba music is often played at events that also play salsa, and many dancers dance both.

Although the dance has been growing in popularity in the Bay Area for a number of years (the 5th annual SF Kizomba Festival was held this year), there has yet to be a site that serves as the central source for all kizomba events. Salsa By The Bay is looking to capitalize on this gap, and further grow its user base with dancers looking to learn more about kizomba.

At the time of launch, there are already more than half-a-dozen events listed on the Kizomba Events Calendar, and Salsa By The Bay hopes to add many more in the coming weeks to create the most comprehensive listing of kizomba events in the Bay Area.

You can find the new Kizomba Events Calendar here.

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