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Salons and brides

Newly engaged? Usually the first thought of a newly engaged woman, is "Oh my god, there's a lot to do"! One thing for sure is setting your date and securing your booking with your stylist. If you don't have a stylist already then you must start interviewing or emailing (if you are having a destination wedding) salons right away because it is imperative that you feel comfortable with the people handling your wedding party. Remember you are the best judge of your friends, and how they will act and you don't want any conflicts the day of.

Casual wedding hair styling
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I have always felt better if the salon has a wedding agreement in place for both of you. This puts everything in black and white for both parties so that there are no surprises later and guarantees your booking. There are some salons that will travel to you also if you would rather stay in your hotel or house, but be sure to ask what their travel fees are prior to your wedding day and make sure it's included in your agreement.

This is a must! Always have the bride do a trial run prior to the wedding date for hair and makeup. Bring your veil with you and anything else that you would like put into the hairstyle. Doing this in advance gives you time to find something else if you suddenly decide you don't like what you originally picked out. If you are deciding to leave the style in the hands of the hair stylist then show her your dress so that she can create something that will flow with it. This is also an excellent idea for anyone in the wedding party who is extremely particular or if you are asking for everyone to be the same it would be a good idea to let them get a practice run in. Trials usually run at half off so they shouldn't be too expensive. The makeup part is important too, because the artist will be able to write down what shades and bases he/she is using it will go much quicker the day of. This cuts down on time and allows you to stay calm because you're not trying to guess what the results will look like and your not worried about time. You know your in good hands.

If you feel uncomfortable with your stylist or any of the ones doing anyone's hair or makeup don't go along with it. You will be nervous the entire time and your once in a lifetime experience will be ruined forever. This is something you want to remember for the rest of your life, and starting with the right salon!

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