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Salon accused of spreading misinformation, anti-Christian hatred, violent threat

Salon article spreads misinformation, anti-Christian hate and bigotry, violent rhetoric against Christians.
Salon article spreads misinformation, anti-Christian hate and bigotry, violent rhetoric against Christians.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

On Friday, Newsbusters' Connor Williams accused Salon of promoting misinformation about Christianity while spreading anti-Christian hate and violent rhetoric in the process. Williams' accusation came on the heels of a particularly nasty screed by Valerie Tarico, who accused American Evangelicals of, among other things, killing gays and subjugating women.

Tarico's hate-filled article was first published at Alternet and claims Christians are "destroying Earth’s web of life" while promoting a "holy war." She also claims Christians are "obstructing humanity’s transition to more thoughtful, intentional childbearing," a reference to contraception and abortion.

After laying out how much she hates Christians, Tarico engaged in the kind of eliminationist rhetoric Americans have come to expect from far too many on the left. While she refrained from actually calling for violence, she issued what can only be seen as a very thinly veiled threat.

"The Iron Age was a time of incredible brutality—tribalism, warfare, destitution, disease, murder, misogyny, sexual slavery and superstition of biblical proportions," she wrote. "Most of us would rather not go back, thank you very much. Christians who want a better future are welcome to join in the inquiry and teamwork it will take to get there, and many do. For the rest of you: please forgive the fact that your Iron Age fantasies trigger some of us to experience wry Iron Age fantasies of our own."

"It’s quite difficult to put a meaningful analysis of Tarico’s piece into words," Williams said. "In sharing this article with its readers, Salon does little more than promote misinformation about Christianity, spreading hate in the process."

This kind of hatred from liberals, however, is not uncommon. As we first noted in February 2011, liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. Liberals like Tarico prove that assertion correct on just about any given day. Fortunately, not everyone who read her piece was impressed.

"False accusations, gross mischaracterizations and exaggerations are evil. This is like using Archie Bunker as the symbol of white men," one reader noted at Salon. Another reader noted that Tarico would never dare use the same rhetoric against Muslims.

"I suppose we can soon expect a piece on the sinister things of Islam from Ms. Trico, but not I'm holding my breath," another reader observed. "Ms. Tarico damn well knows that if she dared to insult Muslims the way she has insulted Christians here, then she would discover the real truth about sinister things done in the "name of Allah!" You're not going to hear about Christians threatening to chop off Ms. Tarico's head for this article. However, if Ms. Tarico dared to insult Islam, then the threats to chop off her head would be very real, and she knows it! It's amazing how cowardly people like Ms. Tarico are in the name of 'political correctness!'"

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