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Salmonella outbreak traced to Foster Farms

Foster Farms, a California- based poultry business that has served the west coast since 1939, could see its business temporarily shut down if two members of Congress have their way, according to a NBC News story published July 8, 2014.


U.S. House reps Rosa DeLauro (Conn) and Louise Slaughter (NY) are asking the USDA to shut down Foster Farms due to a salmonella outbreak that has already sickened at least 621 people in 29 states and Puerto Rico. Foster Farms has already issued its own recall of chicken products, but these members of Congress and others in the health profession want to see Foster Farms shut down until the problem is completely resolved.

Officials at the Center for Disease Control have been following the salmonella cases closely. They updated the numbers as recently as July 4, 2014- a federal holiday and a day on which few individuals follow the news.

“Burying news late at night on a holiday weekend may be a time-honored tradition by Washington spin doctors, but it is a shameful way to protect public health,” said DeLauro and Slaughter in an official statement.

No one was sure who was responsible for the contaminated meat for most of the weeks following the first outbreak. But now, a confirmed salmonella illness case ties Foster Farms to the outbreak and this is sufficient to convince government officials to demand a complete shutdown.

Foster Farms has voluntarily recalled all of its chicken products with dates between March 16 and March 29, 2014. Salmonella, as many already know, is difficult to treat and often results in hospitalization. It is especially difficult for youngsters so parents are encouraged to discard any Foster Farms chicken products purchased with a date stamp showing March, 2014.

For more information on the recall and affected products, visit the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service web site by clicking here.

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