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Sally Majestic’s royal recital at Phil’s Radiator

Sally Majestic’s royal recital at Phil’s Radiator.
Sally Majestic’s royal recital at Phil’s Radiator.
Sean Beeman

Sally Majestic displayed a splendid showcase at Phil’s Radiator, on Feb. 21. They were the headlining act, Gozer and Death By Cemetery were the openers and Burns Like Hell was the direct support.

Sally Majestic’s royal recital at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney

Ben Napier is the guitarist, Paul Fry is the bassist and vocalist, Tim Cowdin is the drummer, and Scott Vernon is the guitarist and vocalist of Sally Majestic.

Vernon was accompanied by Cowdin, as Sally Majestic began their concert with “Scottalicious”. Shortly after, they were joined by Fry and Napier. The instrumental was accompanied by three lyrics, every so often. Fry and Vernon provided them, as they sang into the microphone. Napier sang aloud, without a microphone in front of him. As Vernon jumped up and down on the stage, his unstable microphone stand fell to the ground and was erected again by a spectator.

Prior to performing “Wait”—Fry gave a fist bump to an onlooker, thanked the audience for attending and he introduced the song. As the song was performed, he sang along with Vernon. As Sally Majestic performed, an audience member in the front row danced to the close to the stage and accidentally knocked over Fry’s microphone stand. After the song came to an end, Vernon joked about both incidences and stated they were breaking some of their equipment.

As “Take Another Hit” was about to get underway, Vernon stated it was great to be back in Colo. He went onto say he remembered the writing process of the song and how he could imagine himself in the mountains. He continued by saying the song was about one of his “favorite past times”. Shortly after saying so, the crowd laughed with him. After the laughter subsided, he provided the lyrics.

Before Sally Majestic ended the performance by covering Young MC’s “Bust A Move”, Fry thanked the bands whom were on the bill with them and the venue. Vernon said he wanted to attempt the song, after he rested his guitar next to his monitor. As his band mates provided an instrumental, he provided the lyrics. An audience member near the back of the stage rapped along with him word-for-word. As the chorus came around, Napier assisted by playing it and was later accompanied by Fry.

The Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots”, “The Juice”, “Monkey with a Halo”, “Boulder”, “Donut Shop on Mars” and “Bobo” were also part of Sally Majestic’s set.

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