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Sally Ann, saved from death row - what is better than a freedom smile?

Saving Sally Ann
Saving Sally Ann
Celeste Charles

Just last week, a boxer dubbed "Sally Ann," was sitting on death row at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Downey, Calif.

Sally Ann is Free
Contributed photo

By the look of her scarred body, her life had been painfully hard.

By the look in her sad eyes, she knew her fate.

Fortunately, time and circumstance have changed everything for this beautiful girl and today, she is wearing the glorious smile of freedom.

Sally Ann was saved through the coordinated effort of rescue agencies, and by the willingness of a woman and her grand-daughter who were able to go the facility to perform an evaluation for the receiving rescue agency.

Celeste Charles and her rescue partner in crime, Alexis, discovered that despite the glaring evidence of Sally Ann's traumatic past, she remained a sweet-natured and loving dog.

Sachi Animal Rescue helped pull Sally Ann from the animal control facility and now, Sally is destined to join the canine crew at Las Vegas Boxer Rescue.

Sally Ann's saga is the perfect example of a beautiful rescue effort, thanks to the willingness of many people to go above and beyond to get involved, and save a life.

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