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Salle Huber Pilates and MELT Method Instructor

So I write about Pilates, I’ve written about Pilates techniques, events, exercises, philosophies and everything else, but not much about the phenomenal instructors who make it possible for individuals to learn or teach Pilates. This article will focus on one such instructor, Salle Huber, Stott Pilates and Advanced MELT Method /MELT on Pilates certified instructor.

Salle has a passion for learning and teaching which lead her to take her Pilates training beyond the mat, reformer and traditional Pilates apparatus’ and enhancing her skills to improve her clients understanding and practice of Pilates. Embarking upon a new technique called the MELT Method, Salle learned the importance of proper hydration of the connective tissue, and the importance of having a balanced nervous system. An advanced MELT Method instructor, Salle is also trained in repertoire called MELT on Pilates which” uses the MELT full roller to prepare the body for the rigors of Pilates and the MELT half roller to provide students with tactile body awareness and actual support allowing the student to move with less compensation.”

Salle’s passion for teaching pushes her to make sure all students understand and can properly perform the exercises correctly for effective results. MELT on Pilates allows Salle to do just that. According to Salle, “MELT on Pilates is perfect for students new to Pilates and movement.” Salle further explains that “MELT on Pilates helps students to reconnect to their bodies so the student can physically begin to feel bodily adjustments and movements such as maintaining a neutral pelvis, stabilizing the scapula, properly contracting the muscle or staying still.” For Salle, “teaching a client/student to connect/reconnect to their body and understand their body in movement allows them to better understand the moves and once you help a client/student achieve this connection these are the clients/students that stay with you and progress to become even better students.”

A passion for learning and teaching and being one of the first instructors to brining the MELT Method and MELT On Pilates to the Chicago area, Salle Huber is an instructor to watch. If you are interested in working with Salle on Pilates, The MELT Method or MELT on Pilates repertoires, Salle can be found at

Oakbrook Racquet and Fitness Club
650 Westmont Drive
Westmont, IL 60559
(630) 654-2442

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