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Salesforce1: The future of cloud applications

Cloud applications
Cloud applications

From the beginning, Salesforce has been about using technology to increase efficiency and build quality customer interactions, which ultimately means increased sales. Now Salesforce has taken the next step in the Sales Cloud with Salesforce1.

The Cloud-based Salesforce1 Platform provides the opportunity develop and deploy mobile apps quickly and easily. The application programming interface (API) can build employee-facing apps as well as customer-facing apps. The new platform also powers the new Salesforce1 Mobile App, allowing users of Salesforce the ability to take their current data with them on their mobile device without the need for additional programming or code.

This next generation agile CRM platform is focused on developers, software companies, and customers, so apps and third-party services can easily connect to Salesforce1. For developers, this API-focused environment offers services for apps that will aid in budgeting and client communication. Software vendors will have the opportunity to build mobile apps on the new Salesforce1 AppExchange. It will also give customers the ability to manage their own private app stores. IT Admins can use’s Visualforce to manage and distribute apps through a single mobile app platform. These APIs can also create apps that integrate with back office data. All these innovations mean businesses can be more agile and responsive to their needs and their customer’s needs.

To introduce Salesforce1 to the business world, the company is embarking on the “Salesforce1 World Tour”. This multi-city, multi-country tour will teach business professionals everything that Salesforce1 can do to streamline processes, connect apps, and sell and market to current and potential customers. Salesforce executives will deliver the keynote at each event and there will be breakout sessions lead by users of the platform to help businesses understand how Salesforce has helped raise their businesses to the next level. Each event will also have live product demos, developer areas with free Salesforce1 books to create Salesforce1 apps in minutes. Events will take place in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, Melbourne, Australia, and Paris, France, to name a few.

Robin Jones, Marketing Coordinator at Reliable Reports, has found Salesforce events helpful in her business.

“ events are a great way to meet and learn from other Salesforce enthusiasts,” Jones said. “I left with tips and tricks that I can’t wait to try out.”

Salesforce1 is focused on helping their customers increase productivity. The platform offers the ability to develop an app with a customized user experience that meets the specific needs of both employees and their customers. What might be the most important feature, the new API supports building mobile social intranets to connect employees with social feeds, files, apps, and other important information. It then provides the ability to create communities to connect employees and customers, which can potentially improve customer satisfaction and, most importantly, sales.

For more than 75 years, Canon has been synonymous with high-quality imaging products. As a top producer of cameras, copiers, and printers, Canon wants to continue its reputation of innovation for years to come. It now looks to Salesforce to help reach both customers and employees via social and mobile platforms.

"The world is in the midst of a paradigm shift and just being new is not enough," explains Haruo Murase, Chairman. "Unless we capture what our employees and customers are thinking, we won't be able to take Canon to the next stage. Salesforce offers a way for us to work in this new world."

A key issue for Canon was efficiently capturing customer information. By utilizing Salesforce, the company was able to effectively capture customer activity while avoiding duplication. Quite possibly the most important feature, all this information was now centralized so sales reps are now able to provide updates on customer interaction from the field in real time.

"With Salesforce we can track how much business new products generate, and manage these new opportunities," explains Murase.

Additionally, Canon is taking advantage of a social network to stay in contact with employees regardless of location so everyone is aware of customer needs.

“Employees can communicate in real time,” says Murase. “Salesforce has been key to helping us share information effectively so we can do more to help customers.”

Salesforce also works hard to help companies avoid reinventing the wheel. Their AppExchange, has literally hundreds of pre-built apps that are ready for simple implementation. There are apps available for every area of business, including Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, and Analytics. Additionally, businesses are able to develop and market their own apps on the AppExchange platform to other and AppExchange users. Its mobile app activity saw a huge increase in usage, according to an article by ZDNet.

Salesforce1 is a new CRM solution that can provide the cloud-based flexibility required for business success today.

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