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Sales Training Tips: Sell yourself first

There is one vital fact missed by the majority of sales people. People will search for sales coaching tips and techniques looking for the secret sauce to make us master of the craft. Sales training from retail to car sales to cold calling can give you the skill you need, but if that course does't touch on this one key piece, the puzzle will always be incomplete.

You must be sold first. If you have ever found yourself in a sales slump and are looking for the motivation to get out, you can overcome a sales slump simply by reaffirming your belief in your product, your company and yourself. To get through a sales slump you have to get sold... again.

The video above is from Grant Cardone's online university and you will see that if you're not selling, if you're not producing, understand that something happened where you became unsold.

"If you're not getting your way, you're not sold." -Grant Cardone

You will need to make sure you are 100% completely sold every day. This is what the greats do every day. Not just great sales people mind you, great athletes, great doctors, great actors, you find the great ones in any field and guaranteed they are sold and reselling themselves daily on what they do and who they are doing it for.

In Grant Cardone's book Sell Or Be Sold, Grant tells us that YOU are the most important sale you will ever make. It's the one you to yourself.

Answer these questions:

  • What makes our product superior to all others?
  • Why am I the best person to do business with?
  • How is our company the best in the industry?
  • How and why is our service top of the line?

Know these answers with 100% certainty, conviction and belief and bring this to every client you encounter.

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