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Sales Training Tips: How to get over rejection

Fear of rejection is what keeps many people from getting in to sales. Mostly it's because they never learned how to deal with rejection in a way that slingshots them instead of holding them back.

Rejection:  It happens!
Rejection: It happens!
Simon Chan

In this video, Grant Cardone, New York Times Best Selling Author, sales and business expert, talks about rejection and how to get over rejection. Rejection is going to happen no matter what. It doesn't matter if you're in traditional sales or looking to get something you want. Grant's most recent book is called Sell Or Be Sold - How to get your way in business and in life. Consider that anytime you ask for something or attempt to get something from someone, you may get turned down, you may hear no.

In baseball even the greatest of hitters strike out more than they get a hit. In football, they don't score a touchdown on every play and a boxer doesn't win every fight. Not every girl will go out you and not everyone will hire you.

Rejection is coming, like it or not. The secret to handling rejection is really in what you do about it and whether or not you decide to allow it to slow you down.

This video will show you a technique Grant did not learn about until he had been selling for 3 or 4 years. He realized that he could actually heal himself immediately after the moment of rejection. He did not need to spend two or three days or even a week being the effect of the rejection. Grant could heal himself of all rejection immediately. Like the Wolverine, from the X-Men. Wolverine is able to heal himself when he get's injured or shot or wounded.

You, like Grant, can do that the moment you get rejected or turned down, or told no. When you get rejected do these 4 things:

  1. Know that you are the only one who can heal yourself.
  2. Time is not the healer. The longer you take to heal, the less you can produce
  3. Get over it. Grow up. Knock it off men and women! You cannot sit there and think Oh, I'm rejected its so bad."
  4. Replace the lost opportunity with a new opportunity.

Understand all rejection you are experiencing, is really the fact that your pipeline is not full. It is not about the person in front of you, it's about the fact that your pipeline is not full and you have this realization that you need to go find somebody. If you want to know more about handling rejection and keeping your pipeline full go to and get your as Grant says, "freakin' healing on so you are the "Wolverine of Sales."

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