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Sales Tip: 15 minutes of pain can lead to success


Cold-calling remains a proven and powerful method of getting in front of prospects.

Yet the thoughts of cold-calling, especially for any extended period - dealing with no's negatives and rejection - can be daunting.

But let's look more carefully. How much time is actually spent talking to prospects when cold- calling? How much time is actually spent in the pain tunnel? Most of cold-calling time is spent dialing, asking to speak with the decision-makers and leaving voice mail messages.
The actual time spent with decision-makers during any given day is probably 15-20 minutes. So if I cold-call for two hours, I'm not dealing with no's, negatives and rejections for two hours, but only for about 15-20 minutes. Can I put-up with 15-20 minutes of discomfort to be successful?
I believe most of us can. This illustrates the importance of framing our attitudes and actions in the most positive, realistic fashion, so we can act as our best self and in our best interest.

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