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Sales and PC Graphic Knowledge

Have you ever wondered what all those words for different graphics settings mean? Gamespot's Reality Check made a couple videos about that. They are great video to check out. It's a quick guide that does that will bring you up to speed on all of these different names mean. If you are looking to get into PC gaming or new I recommend watching these videos. The video also tells you if these options could potentially be taxing on your computer. What benefits they provide, and what other variations to those options there are out there. It does show in the video what they do. It was helpful for me to get a quick refresher course all of these different options. Here's the other video link.

The videos go over:

Texture Filtering
Depth Of Field
ambient occlusion
anisotropic filtering

Now the sales are here! At least for Steam. Steam is doing 2K weekend. That means most of the popular 2K games will be going on sale. Here are some of the games on sale. If you missed out on these great games, then I recommend logging onto Steam and buying these games. Most were rated well, except for one, but that one is pretty cheap. The games on sale, are a good variety of different game genres. There is a game for everyone in this sale. The sale is pretty good. Up to 80% off! Check it out!

Civilization Series
Bioshock Series
Borderlands Series
XCOM: the Bureau
What games are on your list to buy? Do these game interest you at all?

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