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Salem News Nick Fallon: Murdered

Who: Nick Fallon

What: Murdered

When: May 12th, 2014

Where: Horton Square


As of today no one knows who committed the murder of Fallon.

The usual suspects were there:

EJ DiMera, Sami Brady: They were seen with heads together as though they were planning a dirty deed. Both have committed many crimes and gotten away with them all.

Abby Devereaux: Lately the lover of EJ DiMera and said to be pregnant by him.

Kate Roberts: Nick Fallon's employer

Gabi Hernandez: Fallon's ex

Sonny Kiriakis: Will Horton's husband.

Will Horton: Shares a baby with Gabi Hernandez

They were all seen in Horton Square when Fallon was shot in the back with a silencer.

EJ DiMera was being blackmailed for his role in helping keep a secret for Gabi, Sami and Kate. Fallon also new about EJ and Abby Devereaux' affair. He ordered a hit on Fallon, but did his hit man kill Nick or did someone get there first? DiMera is ruthless. Did he take the hit into his own hands?

Sami Brady: As seen above she shared a secret with Gabi and Kate. Sami is quick with her temper and her trigger finger. She shot someone before. Was it easier this time?

Kate Roberts: In on the secret where they tried to drown Fallon after he tried to rape Gabi. The three have been blackmailed by Fallon since then. Kate had a lot to lose and is fearless when it comes to getting what she wants. Did Kate "silence" Fallon for good?

Gabi Hernandez: She has been manipulated by Fallon since the near drowning. Fallon was obsessed with Ms. Hernandez and has been trying to get her to marry him and cut Will Horton out of Ari's life. Gabi was terrified of Fallon as well as being attracted to him. Could she pull the trigger?

Will Horton: Has hated Nick for years and now has seen him controlling Gabi and trying to get her to have her draw up legal papers to give Will no time with his daughter. Could the gentle writer write Fallon's last chapter?

Sonny Kiriakis: Sonny borrowed a gun from his uncle Victor Kiriakis' gun room. He planned to kill Fallon because of his interference in Ari's life. Also Sonny has a secret that maybe only Fallon knew. Did he kill Fallon after promising Will he would not do it?

Put on your Sherlock Holmes cape and try deducing who the killer really is. Send me your choice for murderer and why and I will include it in my next DOOL's article.

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