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Salem Dejas Drummer Sets Out to Break Drumming Record

Aaron Katz
Aaron Katz
Aaron Katz

Why climb a mountain? The answer, they say, is because it’s there. Why try to break a record? Same answer, except in this case, the reason behind that reason is to give something valuable to local boys and girls. Music.

Aaron Katz, of the popular Salem based band The Dejas, will be attempting to break a twenty-four hour straight drumming record, set by rocker Andrew W.K. this June in Manhattan’s Time Square. Andrew W.K. did the drumming in a store, and so will Katz, though fitting to Salem, he’ll be drumming in Wynott’s Wands, using magic wands for drumsticks. Wynott’s Master Wand Maker created the wands especially for Katz, and they'll go up for auction after the event. Any time over the twenty-four hour mark would break the record, but Katz is aiming to break it significantly, drumming for thirty hours. “I was thinking,” he says, “that it’s definitely more exciting to break a record already set than to set a record, so we’re going after this.”

The money raised from the event will go the Boys and Girl’s Club of Greater Salem, to their music program, which Katz and Dejas' band mate Callie Lipton have worked with as volunteers over the past two years. They’re still looking for local business sponsors, and whoever wishes to can contribute online by clicking either these two donations sites, Magic Drum-A-Thon or Boys and Girls Club Drum-A-Thon. It all goes into the same pot. Donations can also be made at Wynott’s during the drumming event.

Katz encourages anyone who'd like to, to bring an instrument to Wynott’s and play along with him. “Once I start the rhythm it can’t stop, though I get to take a five minute break each hour for food, drink and bathroom trips. I’ll have a whole drum kit there, though I won’t necessarily be playing the whole kit at all times. It’s not going to be rock drumming so much as world beat and Latin, but when people come down to play with me, I’ll adjust to what kind of music they throw out." Salem City Councilor William Legault will be participating, and Katz hopes to get Mayor Driscoll to come by join in on shakers as he drums. At midnight, there will be a butter beer (a non-alcoholic Harry Potter beer sold at Wynott’s) and hymns section, where people there will sing hymns and drink butter beer while Katz plays along.

How does someone get themselves ready for playing the drums thirty hours straight? Katz said he’d be training by drumming with heavier drumsticks, and on the day of the event, he’ll be bolstered nutritionally by organic, therapeutic food and drink, supplied by Salem’s Life Alive Café.

Be there, be part of history and cheer on Aaron Katz in his record breaking endeavor, starting Saturday, Sept. 28th at 10AM, and continuing for 30 hours, at Wynott’s Wands, 127 Essex St. Salem - located between the Old Spot and the PEM. Wynott's will remain open throughout the entire event.