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Saleem Technologies: Helping Businesses Succeed In Technology

Kashif Saleem knows how to make a splash in the business world with technology. His company was started in 2006 and Saleem jus received the Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award and his company keeps growing daily. He recently commented on his Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award. “I am honored to be selected amongst such high caliber investors and inventors. The recognition of knowing we are making a difference goes a long way in driving our passion further in providing software solutions for our customers,” said Saleem.

He is also the inventor of a major software product called Track ‘em in 2011. Saleem Technologies offers management solutions for the latest innovations with barcode, RFID, and GPS resources.

Large and small corporations use this software for control of inventory, time, attendance, and asset control. Being able to maintain control of materials, quality, progress, and time helps to provide efficient and cost effective ways of increasing profits. Saleem Technologies provides software as well as training and ongoing support, hardware, barcodes, RFID tags, and GPS tags. Saleem Technologies has expanded across the globe and base their success on integrity, commitment, and teamwork.

Their tracking systems provide efficient asset management solutions which are accomplished using the barcode system. The demand for easy visible asset tracking has given managers quick access of their assets in the supply chain to help reduce their loss of goods and services. This has brought in the need for RFID and GPS tech.

The cost of their hardware and software is becoming more affordable. These new systems track them, time them, store them, and transport them according to Saleem Technologies. Saleem also commented on his technology success in an interview for with Marv Dumon. “Asset tracking and control is a rapidly changing field with new technology and innovations being utilized in the last decade. Previously, projects utilized labor-intensive manual processed to track assets, which ultimately were susceptible to higher supply chain costs due to inefficient technologies and potential for human error,” said Saleem.

The truth is that we would be lost without GPS systems to get us around to unknown territories and businesses would not be able to do as good a job tracking employees, fleets, and time sheets. More efficiency comes from using products from companies like Saleem Technologies. The bottom line is increased and companies are happy with the results such technology provides. Companies can save money by tracking employees and cut down on workers who do not follow the rules and company policies.

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