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Sala Thai Serves Up Delicious Thai Cuisine in Jacksonville

Thai is an excellent Asian dining option!
Thai is an excellent Asian dining option!
Stuart Corlett

Thai restaurants in Jacksonville seem to build very loyal clientele.  Most of the Thai restaurants here have been in business for several years and have quite a following.  Sala Thai is a perfect example of this.  They have no website and do very little advertising, but through excellent food and serious word of mouth, they have become a go to for Thai food in their little corner of Jacksonville. 

As mentioned, the food at Sala Thai is awesome, but the atmosphere is great too.  A really fun thing about this restaurant are the booths they have set-up.  They are built up to look like little huts and have soft pillows that offer a very quaint, comfortable feel - a great option is you are there with that "special someone".  The service at Sala Thai is also top-notch, so overall the dining experience is great.  The store front is a little small, but again, it is more quaint than crowded and diners can smell the delicious spices and scents as soon as they walk in the door. 

A great purchase at Sala Thai are their lunch specials.  For around $10 (with tax and tip) you get a large portion of one of their dishes such as Thai Fried Rice or Pad Thai, and a crispy Spring Roll.  They also have delicious curries - the Yellow and Red (Pad Prik King) being especially good.  Another must try is the Thai Iced Tea.  It is basically a spiced Black Tea, but the 'spice' is more on the sweet side so that when milk and sugar are added it is absolutely heavenly.  Even unsweetened, it is still amazing. 

Sala Thai definitely draws a crowd during lunch and on Friday nights - a sure sign that they know what they're doing when it comes to tasty Thai food.  Combined with great service and a quick kitchen, Sala Thai should be on your list of restaurants to try if you haven't yet.  They are located at:

10769 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32246-1846
(904) 641-8384



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