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‘Sakura Trick’ acquired by Sentai Filmworks

Sakura Trick
© Tachi - Hobunsha/Sakura Trick Production Committee

Earlier today, anime publisher Sentai Filmworks announced that it has acquired the anime series, “Sakura Trick” for release in North America.

“Sakura Trick” is produced by the animation studio, Studio DEEN (Fate/stay night) and it is based on the four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Tachi. The slice-of-life romantic comedy is directed by Kenichi Ishikura (Hidamari Sketch) and features music from Ryosuke Nakanishi (Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls) with character designs by Kyuta Sakai (Humanity has Declined).

The series follows Haruka and Yu, two longtime friends that have spent much of their school years sitting next to each other, until they begin Senior High, where they learn that they will now be sitting on opposite sides of the class. Unsure what they should do to keep their relationship strong, the two decide to kiss, but that awakens a whole new set of emotions in each of them. Now the two struggle to figure out their feelings, as the best friends begin to seem more like girlfriends.

“Sakura Trick” will be available through select digital outlets soon and Sentai Filmworks has plans for a home video release to follow. No official release details for the home video version have been given at this time.

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