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Sakura-Con welcomes ‘Attack on Titan’ talent and fans

The hallways of Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center were bustling this past Easter weekend thanks to the thousands of attendees present at the annual anime convention Sakura-Con. Everyone attending looked forward to partaking of various events related to their love of anime whether it was shopping for anime merchandise, attending panels about their favorite anime, or checking out the many people in cosplay who were dressed as various anime and video game characters.

Mikasa Ackerman cosplayer alongside one of the titular Titans from "Attack on Titan."
Mikasa Ackerman cosplayer alongside one of the titular Titans from "Attack on Titan."
Karen Luong during Sakura-Con; used with permission
A promotional flyer for "Attack on Titan" distributed during Sakura-Con 2014.
FUNimation; used with permission

One way to notice what anime is popular at the moment is to observe what the cosplayers cosplay during an anime convention like Sakura-Con. This year, Sakura-Con was a beacon attracting “Attack on Titan” fans and cosplayers. Typically clad in the brown coats and/or green cloaks matching the military uniforms seen in the series, those in “Attack on Titan” cosplay posed for photos and shared their love for the series, which at a casual glance looks like a TV series about a city regularly invaded by zombies the size of Godzilla.

In addition to “Attack on Titan” cosplay, Sakura-Con hosted a few other opportunities to gain insight on the series. FUNimation premiered the first three English dubbed episodes at the convention. Additionally, Sakura-con also hosted panels featuring talent from the series consisting of voice actress Yui Ishikawa who plays Mikasa Ackerman; producer Tetsuya Kinoshita; character designer Kyoji Asano; and animation producer Tetsuya Nakatake to answer the attendees’ questions.

Aside from saying what an enjoyable challenge it was to work on “Attack on Titan,” they took on the occasional fun question. When asked who he would like to be on the series, Nakatake answered Eren’s mother so “he could see what it was like to be eaten by a Titan.” When asked about characters they wanted to cosplay as from the series, Kyoji wanted to dress up as Levi (or Rivalle) Ackerman while Yui simply wanted to be “a Titan.”

As present, potential, and future fans of “Attack on Titan” await the FUNimation release (June 3) and/or the Toonami airing (May 3), Sakura-Con was an excellent convention to preview it. While attendees got to look into “Attack on Titan,” they were able to check out Sakura-Con’s other events like the costume contest, Dealers Hall, and chat with fellow attendees who at least had one thing in common: The love of anime and pop culture. Remember to check out Sakura-Con’s website for its plans for 2015.

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