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Sakura-Con 2014 attendees enjoy a Friday of cosplay and dancing

"Silent Hill" nurse at Sakura-Con.
"Silent Hill" nurse at Sakura-Con.
Karen Luong during Sakura-Con; used with permission

The April 18 Friday of Sakura-Con may be the first day of the Seattle anime convention, but attendees were already out in cosplay. Clad as creative attendees would cosplay as various anime and video game characters, the color in their costumes helped brighten the generally cloudy Sakura-Con Friday.

Sakura-Con Masquerade Ball attendees cosplaying Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."
Karen Luong

Sakura-Con attendees in cosplay posed for photos, attended cosplay gatherings of various anime series, and checked out the exhibition hall for anime merchandise to add to their collections. Sakura-Con featured plenty of panels and anime industry guests where attendees could learn more about their favorite series or listen to their bizarre anecdotes while working in anime. Voice actor Chuck Huber maintained a sharply sarcastic wit often heard in his roles such as Franken Stein from “Soul Eater,” Hiei from “Yu Yu Hakusho,” and Hiro from “Shin-Chan.”

The cloudy Friday gave way to the warm sun and before finally giving way to a crisp dark night. It was an ideal evening for Sakura-Con's Masquerade Ball. A night of social ballroom dancing, the attendees of the Masquerade Ball witched to more fancy cosplay complete with fancy masks as they waltzed the night away among other dances.

The first day of Sakura-Con showed off what was to come during this intensely packed weekend of anime, pop culture, and general geeking out.

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