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Shakira covers Ocean Drive magazine’s May/June 'Women of Influence' issue

Shakira Covers Ocean Drive Magazine’s May/June “Women of Influence” Issue

Ocean Drive magazine’s May/June “Women of Influence” issue will feature Shakira on the cover.
The pop star opens up to the glossy about becoming a mother, her controversial video with Rihanna, and how she makes her relationship work.

Quotes of Shakira.

On working with Rihanna for the provocative “Can’t Remember to Forget You” music video:
“It was a blast, honestly. I’m sure on the outside it looks like two divas, but when we got together, we realized we had a lot in common—both Caribbean girls from small towns who are very down to earth when it comes down to it, and just enjoy having a good time.”

On how becoming a mother has changed her:
“Everything is different. Maybe the biggest change is that I think about the future more, what the world will be like for him when he grows up. But when it comes to living, it’s all about the present.”

On how she makes her relationship with Spanish soccer star Gerard Pique work:
“In my house, I would say the balance of power is fairly equal. Relationships have to have a give and take if they’re going to work in the long term.”

ODM: “Your relationship has been the focus of much publicity lately, particularly after you said your partner doesn’t like you in videos with hot guys.”
“It’s funny, when I made those comments, it was really in a lighthearted, humorous way. I was surprised to see that it was taken so seriously in the press.”
“Gerard doesn’t tell me what to do—we discuss everything as a couple, as I imagine most partners do. We have a beautiful relationship and one of mutual trust."

On using her power as a platform to help others:
“I see power as a means to an end rather than an end in itself, a way to use the voice I’ve been afforded by my professional success to give a voice to others who wouldn’t normally have one. It’s important to remind oneself that power is as easy to lose as it is hard to gain, so we need to be magnanimous with it where we can.”

On how her parents kept her grounded:
“It’s hard enough as an adolescent to figure out who you are, let alone with an entire industry wanting to tell you who to be. My parents helped me keep my feet on the ground and never compromise on the things that made me who I was.”

On her Columbian roots:
“I go back a couple of times a year—not as often as I’d like with my schedule, but I still remain very identified with the culture. This year, when I inaugurated my school, we also got Milan his Colombian passport. I want him to identify with and know that part of his background and culture because it’s a beautifully rich and colorful one.”

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