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Saint Thomas Church in NYC

Saint Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue in New York City offers a quiet sanctuary for religious and nonreligious people alike from the daily grind of Manhattan when it is too cold or rainy to walk in the nature of Central Park.

Saint Thomas Church in NYC with architecture and stained glass windows
Jai Waltz
Saint Thomas Church in New York City
Jai Waltz

Built in 1913 after the previous church burnt down in 1905, Saint Thomas Church is built in French Gothic style with some similarities to cathedrals in England. The church was built in stone according to medieval architecture, and the columns and arches give it the unique aspects of cathedrals built in the Middle Ages.

The church is open year round. Anyone can come in and look and even take part in a service. There are activities also going on such as music events. They also have an outreach program in which they make packed lunches for the homeless in the area.

So anyone who needs to rest, pray, or be in a quiet place can come in and look. If one is not religious and does not want to look at a Bible, he can at least look at the architecture and the beautiful stained glass windows that make up this peaceful place in the middle of the chaos that is Manhattan.