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Saint Petersburg red light traffic camera study brings interesting findings...

From BayNews9, a new study done by USF shows that red light cameras, the source of much frustration and traffic tickets, do little to reduce traffic deaths.

Directly contradicting an earlier 2011 study showing less accidents and traffic deaths, the USF study has opened some eyes on both sides of the bay. After finding errors and making corrections from the earlier 2011 study, they found that there is no reduction in fatal accidents as a result of these cameras.

This new study has increased pressure on city council members and local officials. The current Mayor has claimed he likes the cameras for safety, rather then financial reasons. The deputy Mayor of the city has now said the Mayor is taking a second look at the cameras.

City Council has long been gridlocked on the issue. The two new members, though, both say they will vote against the cameras.

"After doing lots of meticulous research," said one new member of city council. "I think the USF study was the last thing I needed to really feel comfortable that this decision is really not just based on public safety. It's about other factors as well."

"It's been pretty clear to me that the red light camera program is about generating revenue," said another council member. "But I want to be fair and give a listen to any report that says there is a safety benefit. But, alas, we have yet another updated report that questions those claims."

Finalyy, a Council Member who had been a supporter of the cameras said he is now wavering on his position. He does not yet know how he will vote in the future.

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