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Saint Patrick's Day fishing report

This little guy has accounted for a lot of fish over the years.
This little guy has accounted for a lot of fish over the years.

Location: Beavercreek YMCA Pond
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:20 pm
Lures: Cotton Cordell crankbait, 1.5 inches, floater/deep diver
Flies: White Marabou Clouser size 2, White crystal Schminnow size 4

The water is clearing up nicely. The park was not very crowded except in the skate park and tennis courts. There were very few anglers and even fewer serious anglers. The presentation that worked best was a deep stop and go retrieve with the crankbait. This resulted in the only solid hookup of the outing. However the fish hit so hard and was so strong that its initial onslaught of the lure broke the line. Score one for the fish! There was one other strike on a twin to that lure and one half-hearted strike to the Clouser. Otherwise not much was happening for anyone out there.

Score so far for 2010:

Fish 1
Examiner 0

Some side notes on other rumblings from around the Miami Valley:

The crappies are said to be hitting well at Caesar Creek, CJ Brown and Paint Creek. The first of two spring releases of rainbow trout has been made at Possum Creek. Don't forget the spring stocking of rainbows in Rush Run is set for this Friday! Go Saturday in the rain if you want to avoid crowds!

Health Note:  The Lagoon at Eastwood MetroPark has been closed to fishing, wading, and watercraft until further notice due to the discovery of E-coli bacteria in that body of water.  Metroparks personnel have posted signs to help you remember.


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