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Saint Motel at the Hammer and Ham Sandwich in a tub of ice cream...

Saint Motel making the city's art become animate in an aural dreamscape of indie rock.
Saint Motel making the city's art become animate in an aural dreamscape of indie rock.
Saint Motel/ KCRW

 Tomorrow sees the gig of the decade kick off at the Hammer Museum as Saint Motel re paint the aural landscape of the city with the shock waves of musical joy in what could be their last local gig for some time as rumours of tours and travel for the top LA band abound.

The fun kicks off at 7pm at the Hammer Museum with support from local dj Dan Wilcox from KCRW at 7 and femme fatal Kitten at 8pm (so please be carefull and don't leave any saucers of milk unnattended). The museums art exhibition will remain open until 9pm when they'll be locking up the portraits of their sons and daughters just in time for  headliner Saint Motel to raise the roof in what will no doubt be the most enjoyable concert of the entire summer. The concert is free and open to all ages with more artisticly minded details on the video flyer below.

 Next up- and just to keep things in line with the 'International Indie Rock' theme- is a special request on behalf of Irish band Ham Sandwich (and all the British who now wish they voted Labour) to get the band playing at the London 'Moo Sessions' festival for Ben and Jerry's ice cream.To give you a rough idea of the bands musical standing, Ham Sandwich are to Dublin as Saint Motel are to LA  - meaning they're their city's best live acts with an infectious ability to turn any drab venue into a highly charged , upbeat and positive, feel good party event...and after the disasterous World Cup campaign of the English along with the financial mysery currently being promised by their new government the British are going to need all the cheering up they can get before the possible added despair of a Ham Sandwichless Moo Session causes the entire nation to riot! Ham Sandwich are one of the three independant finalists left to vote for in the Moo Sessions competition, two of the three will play to over 12,000 at the London event on July 25th. Voting only takes two clicks and will undoubtedly save thousands of Londoners from a summer of total dispair. You can vote for Ham Sandwich here  at least once a day and anyone who tells their friends to vote and share the link via their Facebook or MySpace pages could find themselves in line for a free preview of the bands own award winning perfume called 'MacNamee' and possibly even a whole free carton curtosy of