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Saint John and the Revelations is a gem of a find


In this day and age, finding new singers and music is not a hard thing to do. However, finding new music that is worthy of the iPod is not so easy. With the internet being accessible to almost everyone, it seems that everyone who thinks he can sing is creating a MySpace band page or YouTube account. Saying that it can be a disaster is an understatement, yet I still find myself going to several “new” profiles daily, trying to find something that will really pull me in.

After I received a suggestion to go check out Saint John and the Revelations on MySpace, I put it on my list of things to check out. Several days later I ventured over to take a listen and was surprised by what I heard.

Saint John and the Revelations have a very familiar sound to them, but not one I can quite put my finger on. A mix between Elliott Smith, Jason Mraz, and maybe even a touch of Sam Bradley (in some songs) is probably the closest I can come to try and describe the sounds that I hear, but even this does not come close to the sound that Saint John produces. With every song there is a reminder of a band you know, but you cannot quite remember who. The songs are strangely relaxing but if you actually listen to the lyrics, you can be pulled into any kind of mood you are in, from happy, to melancholy, to downright anguish.

Saint John was born in Victoria, BC, Canada and new at an early age that he wanted to be a musician. He started his music career by singing in the streets of Europe. After finding himself in the US working on basic demo recordings and playing at a few venues in Los Angeles, people started taking notice. This is how the song “No Way Home” indeed up in an independent movie.

He soon recorded his first EP, “Halo,” which brought in numerous fans from the internet. The success of “Halo” allowed him to create his first full-length album “Mercy,” which I must say has been on repeat since I first started playing it.

Mercy” is filled with songs that were “born from despair, from death, failed relationships, war, etc. It’s a pretty dark and melancholy album, but it’s also a very honest soul-searching musical journey into some dark areas.”

Saint John is working on his next album which is currently titled “Project Apollo,” and I personally cannot wait to see what he brings to us in record.

As an unsigned artist who does not even work with a management team, Saint John has had some success which has allowed him to continue to do what he loves. His skill will keep the fans coming in and the songs flowing through your speakers.

Please check out his MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube pages. Finds like this are hard to come by in this commercialized world. You can purchase some of Saint John and the Revelations' music here.


  • Jane 5 years ago

    He sounds very interesting! I like the descriptions of his music (Sam, especially)and I plan to go have a listen! Thanks, Katie!

  • rainydaygirl 5 years ago

    Saint John and the revelations are now on my list of musicians to check out. Thanks for sharing! I do love finding the gems in what is a rough rough batch of music today.

  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Thanks for the article Katie! You know me, I am always on the lookout for new music. This definately sounds like a guy I need to put my ear to.

  • Kendra 5 years ago

    I saw these guys at the Coach House. It was the first time I did not regret getting their early and having to sit threw the garbage they call 'local support acts' Saint John and the Revelations was the best thing I have seen come out of OC in a long time. I got to take my Pic with Saint John. I must save it cuz soon it may be worth some money!

  • Mandi 5 years ago

    Great article Katie! He sounds like someone I would like to hear! I'm definitely going to go check him out! I'm always looking for new ways to expand my horizons...:) Thanks!