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Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite

For anybody who is looking to find the quickest solution to a problem, Saint Expedite is the most likely Entity they would turn to. The belief in Saint Expedite has been in existence since the middle Ages. There is actually very little history of Saint Expedites' life. According to legend, he was the commanding officer, in Armenia of a Roman legion. He was beheaded in 303 A.D. by the Emperor Diocletian because he was a convert to Christianity. Since the fifth century Expeditus has been recorded in the Geronimian Martirology. His death is recorded as being on April 19 in Melitene, which is currently Malatya Turkey. It is claimed followers often used the image of Saint Expedite, holding the cross, while stepping on the crow with the old saying don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, to push the pagans into conversion.

In New Orleans he has gained popularity for those who believe in him. It is imperative to petition him appropriately, and with the amount of praise and reward that he would expect to receive for granting your wish. Saint Expedite is willing to help anyone with their problems, which would include business owners, students, teachers, sailors, navigators, and anyone who is dealing with an emergency. He places no limit on who he is willing to help.

It is believed according to one story of the priests were furnishing the Chapel of our Lady of Guadalupe, they ordered a large statue of the Virgin Mary from Spain. Instead of receiving one crate they received two. Several months later, one did indeed contain the statue of Mary, the second however only have the word EXPEDITE written on the outside. They interpreted this as being the name of a saint thus naming the Roman centurion found inside accordingly. He is often described as a young Roman centurion who's holding a cross with the word HODIE, which means today in Latin, inscribed while stepping on a crow with his right foot. The crow with his dying breath uttered the word CRAS, which means tomorrow in Latin. Because of this it is said the Romans mimicked the croaking sound made by the crows meaning that the crow was constantly referring to tomorrow. The vice of procrastination which means putting something off until later was supposedly destroyed by Saint Expedite when he stomped on the crow.

Latin being the common language at the time it is believed that Saint Expedite opened the door for the priests to use St. Expedite with his cross and crow for religious adaptation from pagan to Christian, using the fact that they could die today but it would be too late to change. A few bishops in the early 20th century believed that Saint Expedites' followers were going to split from the Roman Catholic Church to form their own separate church, so they worked industriously to destroy his following. They were unsuccessful with this quest however since 1960; they were successful in removing his name from the present Catholic Venerated Saint list. This has not, stopped his followers and he continues to be popular today and is called upon by many seeking his favor. In fact on Reunion Island there are many roadside altars dedicated to Saint Expedite. Reunion Island is a French island in the Indian Ocean.

Many followers offered Saint Expedite gifts which include flowers, pound cake, and wine after he has answered their prayers.