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Saint Catherine of Siena

Doctor of the Catholic Church
Wikimedia Commons

Catherine of Siena is one of 33 Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church and one of only two female saints to hold this title. As a doctor, Saint Catherine's teachings and spiritual direction are foundational to modern church teaching on faith and morals.

Saint Catherine is the patron saint of the sick. And her primary spiritual treaty on the faith is her Dialogue, so aptly named. It is published by Paulist Press and totals 398 pages.

There are many biblical references in The Dialogue and describes very well a spiritual journey that delves deeply into the mode of true (spiritual) happiness. The Dialogue is a spiritual journey. The precept is courage and the necessity to grow in virtue, removing the desire of any self-interest and a necessary guide for spiritual development.

Catherine of Siena, The Dialogue is available for purchase by clicking this link:

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