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Saint Augustine Tea Party attends Local Gun Show

SATP at Gun Show
SATP at Gun Show
TCC Staff

SATP attends Local Gun Show

The Saint Augustine Tea Party reported that it attended the St. Augustine Gun Show. The two day event was held on July 19 and 20th at the St. Augustine National Guard Armory. The Tea Party maintained a booth at the show, so it could engage local residents as to what they think regarding the current political issues. The Tea Party, through its Town Crier Committee, engages visitors in the historic district on a regular basis. [See]

Large numbers of local residents expressed contempt for the Obama administration, demanding impeachment. They were equally contemptuous with the Congress for failure to take action. Tea Party members on duty report that they frequently heard, “We must take the Senate back in November.” But when questioned further, this did not necessarily translate into Republican victories. In fact, it translated into “We the People” must take the Senate. The progressive leadership of both parties continues to fail to recognize that the Tea Party movement is alive in the people.

The people distrust State government and expressed concern about the corruption in local government. When asked about First Amendment attacks by the St. Johns County Commissioners, they were deeply concerned. The number one issue on their minds, however, is the crisis at the southern border. Time and again, the public demanded that the border be secured. Is anyone in Washington listening?