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Saint Arnold releases new Icon series beer

Saint Arnold Brewing
Saint Arnold Brewing

Attention Houston area craft beer fans: You have yet another new beer available for purchase at stores, taverns, and restaurants. This new offering is a continuation in a series that started about eighteen months ago and rotates about once every three months. I am talking, of course, about Saint Arnold’s Icon series and the time has arrived for yet another Icon release. Here is some information on this new Icon series brew:

Style: Texas Common

Packaging: Green, to distinguish from the previous Icon entry

Alcohol by Volume: 6.7 percent

Bitterness: 52 IBU

So what, exactly, is a Texas Common beer? Well, some may already be familiar with California Common beer, a style associated with Anchor Brewing’s renowned Anchor Steam beer. Saint Arnold has taken the California Common style as its inspiration, adding some more hops to create a style all its own, Texas Common. The beer is fermented using San Francisco lager yeast, but at warmer temperatures that are more in- line with an ale. This makes the beer similar to those brewed using the steam style that Anchor Brewing perfected decades ago.

Saint Arnold Icon Texas Common is unique in one other way: It uses just one hop, Mosaic, in its recipe. The result is a beer that emphasizes the tastes of tropical fruit and citrus as opposed to the more malt- driven California Common beer. Craft beer fans will notice the difference immediately when those lip- smacking delicious hops register on the palate for the first time.

This latest Icon series entry is available right now throughout the Houston area and other places where Saint Arnold beer is sold. Like the other Icon series brews, it will be available for only a few months, so head to the nearest store or your favorite watering hole and grab a bottle or pint today!

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