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Saint Arnold Brewing reports record year for 2013

Saint Arnold Brewing
Saint Arnold Brewing
Bryan Carey

The good guys and gals at Houston’s Saint Arnold Brewery have reason to show their pride, and it goes beyond the brewery’s numerous awards and critical recognition.

Saint Arnold Brewing released a report showing its total shipments for 2013 and, as expected, it was yet another banner year for Texas’ oldest craft brewery. The company shipped an impressive 58,397 barrels of beer in 2013, representing an increase of approximately 19 percent from 2012. Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower leads the product line in total shipments, with Saint Arnold Amber Ale and Saint Arnold Santo following closely behind.

Saint Arnold founder/brewer Brock Wagner sums up the sentiments of those who work tirelessly to bring Saint Arnold beer to the masses:

"As we head toward our 20th anniversary in June and reflect on how we got here, I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished both in terms of the beer and food we provide and the role we've played in helping to encourage the community to embrace craft beer," said Wagner. "We anticipate continued growth, but our priority is to continue brewing beers we love and building community wherever we go."

Exactly how much has Saint Arnold Brewing grown over the years? Take a look at this table, showing the year over year increases in barrels shipped and percentage growth:

Year Production % Growth
---- -------------- ----------
2013 58,397 barrels 19 percent
2012 49,119 barrels 22 percent
2011 40,416 barrels 29 percent
2010 31,445 barrels 22 percent
2009 25,710 barrels 13 percent
2008 22,749 barrels 28 percent
2007 17,811 barrels 30 percent
2006 13,636 barrels 25 percent
2005 10,946 barrels 20 percent
2004 9,100 barrels 27 percent

Growth is expected to remain brisk in 2014. To meet future demand, Saint Arnold plans to add a brew kettle and create a four- vessel brewhouse. With these additions, Saint Arnold will have annual capacity of 240,000 barrels, an almost threefold increase compared to the current capacity of 90,000 barrels.

Award- winning beers, committed personnel, and a spirit of community……these and other factors have propelled Saint Arnold Brewing into the growing, thriving organization it is today. Cheers to the good guys and gals at Saint Arnold for their many achievements and for an even more prosperous year in 2014.

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