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Saint Arnold Brewing releases dry hopped Amber Ale

Saint Arnold Brewing Amber Ale
Saint Arnold Brewing

Saint Arnold Brewing has been the Houston mainstay of craft beer for more than two decades and it just recently celebrated its 20 years in the brewing business with a large and memorable anniversary party. The beer that started it all and is still in existence today is Saint Arnold Amber Ale and Saint Arnold brewing plans to mix things up a bit with some special Saint Arnold Amber Ale celebratory releases.

Some might recall Saint Arnold’s movable yeast series from a couple of years ago and remember how the change in yeast made a remarkable difference in the flavor of the finished product. Now, the good guys and gals at Saint Arnold Brewing are making changes to a different ingredient- the hops. More specifically, Saint Arnold is dry- hopping its beloved Amber Ale for the first time, with three special and very limited releases.

First up is a release dry hopped with Liberty hops. Saint Arnold already uses Liberty hops in its Amber Ale, but only as a finishing hop. By dry hopping with the same hop variety, the Amber Ale will taste similar to before, but with a more pronounced hop flavor and character.

In future months, Saint Arnold plans to release two additional versions of Saint Arnold Amber Ale dry hopped with a different hop variety each time. For now, the Liberty hopped version is available for sale and is easily identifiable with its “Dry Hopped with Liberty Hops” tag on the front label. Another reason it’s easy to spot is because it will be offered only in 22 oz. bomber bottles- a package not normally associated with this Saint Arnold style.

Look for Saint Arnold Amber Ale dry hopped with Liberty hops starting today, Monday, July 21, 2014. And celebrate this modified version of Saint Arnold’s long- lived flagship brew.

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