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Saint Arnold Brewing releases Divine Reserve #14

Divine Reserve
Divine Reserve
Saint Arnold Brewing

Saint Arnold Brewing fans, the moment has come: That moment you anticipate each year when the next Saint Arnold Divine Release is scheduled to hit the market. The big moment has arrived, and Divine Reserve #14 is now officially released.

This latest Divine Reserve is a Belgian/American hybrid beer and it hits stores and taverns on Monday, April 28, 2014. Developed by Saint Arnold brewer Casey Motes, DR 14 combines different style characteristics into a single brew that isn’t easy to categorize.

"Divine Reserve No. 14 has a flavor profile like a Belgian Golden, but shares characteristics of a Belgian Blond, a Belgian Grand Cru and an American Strong Ale," said Motes. "We started working on the recipe a year and a half ago on a five-gallon system, and after a couple batches we knew we had something special."

The vital statistics of Divine Reserve #14:

Original Gravity: 1.085
Final Gravity: 1.011
Alcohol: 10% ABV
IBU: 25
Malts: Pils, Rye, Wheat, Vienna, Aromatic, Carafoam
Hops: Centennial, Cascade
Yeast: Celis

Here is a description of Divine Reserve #14 from Saint Arnold Brewing:

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 14 pours a bright golden color. It features Cascade and centennial hops and rye to emulate the fruit and spices found in many Belgian beers. Rye adds spiciness and complexity to the pilsner and aromatic malts. The hops contribute floral and citrus notes to play off the strengths of the Celis yeast. The brewers also added Belgian candi sugar, which helped create a dry finish that nicely hides the relatively high alcohol content. The beer is best enjoyed at 50 degrees to 55 degrees, with the spice of the rye becoming more apparent as Divine Reserve No. 14 warms.

Divine Reserve 14 will be available in six packs of 12 ounce bottles, in 22 ounce bomber bottles, and on tap in the major markets in Texas and Louisiana where Saint Arnold beer is presently sold. Those who have trouble tracking some down or who have spotted some and wish to share are encouraged to leave comments in Twitter with the hashtag #DR14 and/or follow Saint Arnold on its Facebook page,

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