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Saint Arnold Brewery Pub Night this Thursday

Saint Arnold Brewery
Saint Arnold Brewery
Saint Arnold Brewery

A visit to a local pub for food and drink is always a pleasure. Thanks to changes in Texas laws, breweries in the Lone Star can operate in a similar fashion as a functioning pub or tavern and many breweries have jumped at the opportunity to serve their loyal customer base. Saint Arnold is one such brewery and the good guys and gals at Texas’ oldest craft brewery have a fun evening of food and beer planned this week. Here is some background information:

Event: Saint Arnold Pub Night

Location: Saint Arnold Brewery, 2000 Lyons Ave., Houston

Date and Time: Thursday, January 9, 2013 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Saint Arnold Pub Night presents guests with the opportunity to substitute one of their favorite pastimes for another. Rather than head to a local pub, Saint Arnold fans can make the trip to the brewery instead and partake in multiple beer and food options.

Saint Arnold will serve its usual beers, along with a few specialty brews such as select Divine Reserve releases and Bishop’s Barrel. Food options will include cheese steak sandwiches, hot dogs, buffalo wings, and other beer- compatible fare. There is no entrance fee for admission. Guests can purchase exactly what they like in the quantity they prefer, just like a visit to a local tavern.

Pub nights offer a nice getaway from the daily grind but why visit your favorite pub when you favorite brewery is offering something just as enjoyable? Head over to Saint Arnold Brewery this Thursday and make Pub Night part of your regular routine.

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