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Sailor Moon 2014

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
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Sailor Moon, a popular manga and anime back in the 90s featured on Toonami's lineup. It has inspired many and gathered fans from all over the world. It was the story of a girl named Usagi Tsukino who became a champion of the Earth against evil, standing up for justice wherever she went.

This year, 2014, Sailor Moon is getting a redo. Not just a remake, but a complete do-over of the entire series. It will follow the style of Naoko Takeuchi and be titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. Instead of seeing Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Senshi as they were in the anime, they will be more mature. We hope this means that Usagi won't be a whiny, spoiled brat like she was in the anime. Tuxedo Max will not be a college student any more, thus having it make more sense for Usagi to date him. The costumes will look more to Takeuchi's manga designs, something that is exciting to look forward to.

The animation will be done in cell artistry, thus allowing for a clear anime with an aesthetic look behind the art-work. We look forward to seeing all the new changes, and hope that it will appeal to us with delight.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is scheduled to appear in July 2014 in NicoNico Douga, a streaming site. Be sure to tune in to catch it if you are able.

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