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Sailing the San Diego waterfront

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Boating on the San Diego bay waters is not simply an easy way to pass the time. Natural water runs can stand inthe way of a skipper and crew who doe snot know the safe passages. Today.

Basic boating location information is found at San Diego Waterfront online. The "hints, tips and information" posted there gives a San Diegan the "local knowledge" needed to take a full length boating trip.

Great places to anchor on the bay's shore front that spans 27 miles, like La Playa Cove A-1 anchorage at Shlter ISland, near the Yacht Club, one of the five popular anchorages, make long stops easy.

Hard rock contacts stay at hand. Unknown rocks can ruin unlearned sailors fishing trips. San Diego Waterfront tells San DIegans a main boating obstacles line.

Entering the San Diego Bay on a sailboat off Pt. Loma's south tip, past the lighthouse, does not fly along. The kelp beds run one and a half miles south of the point. Fishing crews can get kelp caught in ther intakes.

Just in past the kelp, breakers make a safe trip rough. Knwoing what San Diego Waterfront's mariners tell you helps a sailor get through. Thinking ahead for a trip is easier for the sailors who let the online site send them to U. S. Coast Guard's District 11 for a Local Notice to Mariners in the Southern California Region. Navigation plans can get done right ahead of time.

Obstacles to safe passage can rise out of the coast's shelf. Sailors have to look out for submerged jetty rocks up to 2 miles off the shore.

Going past throngs of fish in the shallow wtaers sand shines out through the surface can take a far out turn. The shoaling waters near the entrance to Shelter ISland are fish home territory.

Stops in at an anchorage on the shore take a permit. No one following the San Diego guide's lead forgets to get one from the Harbor Police.

Sailing fast in to Montego Bay marina is straight sailing for the skippers and crew who know the open waters.

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