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Sailing the 7 C’s of Leadership

Sailing the 7 C’s of Leadership
Sailing the 7 C’s of Leadership

We just experienced an incredible team meeting at an off-site at our retreat center, The Country Place. Participants are all achievers of excellence, so when I suggested that they would get a grade of "C" they became very argumentative. "Wait, wait" I cautioned, and “I will explain…”

These leaders have all been willing to look at how a high level administrative team can harness workplace relationships, master workplace conflict, tackle leadership dilemmas, be pioneers and visionaries in the field of education, build trustworthy relationships, and have enjoyable friendships all at the same time.

They all came to "SEE with new eyes" and embrace life-long learning. The task now is to take the skills they have learned to their direct reports, and to the rest of the organization.

They are about to SEE the 7 "Cs" of Leadership which are:

Challenge: responding to the call that "there is a better way" of leading

Connect: learning that we are all in it together and no one wins unless we all do

Curiosity: shaking things up to see what "new" looks like, sounds like, and feels like

Culture: exploring how a culture blossoms when risks are taken

Commitment: understanding the power of an entire system and willingness to forge a new path

Communication: choosing the right words to tell the truth

Cause: weaving education, including administrators, teachers, parents, children, community, and boards, into a well-constructed tapestry of connectedness

My barometer of hope is high. This team (of leadership pioneers) is making a difference. As they explore their own self-awareness and the power of pattern-awareness they are sailing into the 7 C’s of leadership development and workplace relationships, to a rarefied realm of innovation and creative collaboration.

To quote Viktor Frankl, M.D., “When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Sometimes getting a “C” can be a good thing!

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