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Sailfish Eco-Adventures excursion returns to Cancun


An amazing excursion has returned to Cancun. In the winter months, you can go swimming with the sailfish. These beautiful fish will swim around as you snorkel and this is an experience that you will not want to miss out on getting to do if you are headed to Cancun.

This all starts in January and is available until June. You can't even do this excursion during the last half of the year. This is available through Solo Bueceo. Through March they are doing these tours every single day. You can learn more on their website about it.

You will even get to see the sailfish while they are hunting for sardines while you are in the water with them. You can get snorkeling gear, lunch, and more when you do this excursion. The chance to swim with the sailfish is something I would love to do if we are ever in Cancun at the right time.