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Sahara Sam's 'Amber Alert' pun: Outrage as serious alert turned advertisement

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Sahara Sam's Water Park in New Jersey outraged parents when it advertised their West Berlin kid's park in an email that looked like an Amber Alert. The park sent out an email using the Amber Alert system as a pun, according to NewsMax on May 30.

Sahara Sam's email read "sAMBER ALERT" and parents didn't like the idea of taking a serious situation, such as missing children, and turning it into a play on words to get kids to their water park. reports that the words "Amber Alert" came across in the subject line of the email. Those words are sacred and should be used only for children who are missing. When people see "Amber Alert," you want them to take notice and read what it says.

Apparently the person who conjured up the advertisement realized that the alert in the subject line would most likely be a guarantee that the email would be opened and read.

Some of the comments on the park's Facebook account were brutal. One person who received this promotional email called the people in the advertising department at the park "idiots."

The promotional email, which originally set out to bring in the customers, was met with anger and reprimands. What were they thinking? The words "Amber Alert" immediately leave a pit in your stomach because you know a child is most likely in some danger.

Folks took to the park's Facebook page to point out the error of their ways. Why they would want to associate such a tragic event with their park is beyond comprehension. The park did apologize for their play on words and posted a statement on their Facebook page.

They conveyed that they realized they had made a mistake and "quickly reacted" to remedy this. The advertisement had not been approved by the officials of the park. They also apologized for any "offense they may have caused."

The last thing you would want anyone to do is use the Amber Alert to a point that people become desensitized to it. It should stay as an entity all on its own so that when those words pop up, people will read the email because they will know it is the real deal and not someone selling something!