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Sahara Sam's Amber Alert joke upsets e-mail recipients

Water Park
Water Park
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The water park Sahara Sam's upset a lot of the people on their e-mail list with an Amber Alert joke that didn't go over well. On Friday Huffington Post shared about their new e-mail that was made to look like an Amber Alert but was really just a fake advertisement. The subject line for the e-mail said "sAmber Alert: Your Kids Should Be Here." This made just a pun though and was not really any kind of Amber Alert.

People started reading the e-mail thinking that something was wrong. They were afraid a child was missing at the park or that something big was going on. It turned out that this was not the case at all though. It was just a way to try to get people to come out to the water park for a good time. They were hoping everyone would open it and then decide it was time to go play in the water. This is not how things went down for them at all though.

Reuters shared that the water park says that they are sorry about what happened. They used an outside advertising agency to do this and they will not be hiring them again. Their apology isn't going to reach everyone that got that e-mail though and is still going to end up losing some of the customers that are upset over it. They did not approve the advertisement before it went out.

Sahara Sam's must have learned a lesson from this advertisement and probably won't do anything like that ever again. Now they will check all of their ads before they go out but it could be too late to save some of the business that they lost over this bad advertisement. Amber Alerts are not something to joke about at all. This is not something that should ever be used as an advertisement.