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Saginaw prisoner uniforms retired: Netflix turns orange jumpsuits hot commodity

"Orange is the New Black" makes prison uniform a fashion trend and a problem for one Michigan jail.
"Orange is the New Black" makes prison uniform a fashion trend and a problem for one Michigan jail.
Netflix 'Orange is the New Black trailer promo

It seems the orange jumpsuits worn by prisoners across the country will be retired at one Michigan county jail thanks to "Orange is the New Black" a Netflix original show. The orange jumpsuits are now making somewhat of a fashion statement in pop culture and more and more people are dressing in the prison garb while out in the public, according to News Max on July 22.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel is doing away with the orange jumpsuits for prisoners at the Saginaw County Jail. The problem being that the prisoners often do community work and with more orange jumpsuits in the general public, it makes it harder to keep track of the prisoners, according to MSN News.

The old fashioned black and white striped jail uniforms will be the garb of prisoners in the Saginaw jail from now on. This way the prisoners in the community doing work in groups will stand out and if one walks away, they'll be easy to spot.

The orange jumpsuits are becoming prevalent in the Saginaw county and some people are even putting "Property of Saginaw County Jail" on the back of the orange jumpsuit to make it look even more realistic. Apparently the trend is to look cool by imitating prison attire while out in public.

Federspiel said the folks in charge of the jail decided that the black and white uniforms would be the way to go and other than Halloween, these uniforms are not seen in the public. Federspiel doesn't anticipate folks wanting to wear black and white stripes as a fashion trend, so they believe it is a safe bet.

That is probably what was thought about the bright orange jumpsuits when they were first created. Who would have ever thought that they'd become a fashion statement with the public.

The jumpsuits are cheap attire as they go for $11.73 apiece and they last for about two years for the prisoners. The change over from orange to black and white prison attire won't be a costly endeavor.

If the county wanted to recoup some of the money for the new jumpsuits, they should take advantage of this new copy-cat trend and sell the old orange jumpsuits. Even if they sold the worn prison uniforms for five bucks apiece at a tag sale, they'd recoup some of their money!

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