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Sage Kotsenburg's family's pure excitement heard on the other end of the phone

Sage Kotsenburg’s family spent the night awake and shaking, but not from fear, but pure excitement. That picture that has gone viral of the U.S. athlete holding up the American flag behind him and with a face that screams pure bliss, he is the Kotsenburg’s son Sage.

Sage Kotsenburg wins gold medal for snowboard at Winter Olympics 2014.
Photo by Joe Scarnici

That excited snowboarder won the first gold medal at the Sochi games, according to USA Today on Feb. 8. His parent’s home phone has been ringing off the hook. USA Today called the Kotsenburgs at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Instead of someone cranky on the other end from being rustled from their sleep, USA Today found, what sounds like a very personable guy on the other end of the line, who was proud to say that Sage was his son.

The family didn’t sleep a wink and they didn’t expect to at that point, but the senior Kotsenburg was OK with that. He said that he is in real estate so he knows how to be flexible with sleep.

Steve, his wife Carol Ann and their daughter watched Sage bring home the gold on livestream. Sage’s sponsors have rented a place in Salt Lake City for the family to stay and watch their son on the “big screen.”

It seems that Sage’s good buddies are taking advantage of keeping on eye on their gold medalist buddy from the same place.

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