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SAG Awards tonight include four Michigan-made films!

Don't miss the live 2010 SAG Awards tonight, Saturday, live on TNT or TBS.
Don't miss the live 2010 SAG Awards tonight, Saturday, live on TNT or TBS.
Courtesy of the Screen Actors Guild

The votes are in. Let the drumrolls begin!

Tonight the 16th Annual 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards show revs up in a somewhat chillier Hollywood than normal, but here in Michigan’s usual frost we’ve got a new warmth to bask in – a warm light of recognition. In both the ‘Primetime Television’ and ‘Theatrical Motion Picture’ categories, a total of four projects have been nominated all or parts of which were filmed right here in Michigan: “Up In The Air” starring George Clooney; “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.; “America” starring Rosie O’Donnell and “Prayers For Bobby” starring Sigourney Weaver.

Regardless of who receives the illustrious Actor statuettes tonight, one thing is certain: Michigan is a clear winner. Our trophy is the movies themselves; the on-set photos of our crew members and actors who worked them; the paystubs that show that chronicle ongoing work in motion pictures here; the newspaper articles from the past year mirroring the joys, excitement, anticipation and thrills of a career field enlivened and revolutionized by the Michigan Film Incentive, and primed to only gain momentum in 2010 thanks to stalled political efforts against it.

Many of us Screen Actors Guild actors have reviewed the nominated films and television shows in the past weeks. We’ve studied our fellow actors’ performances, contemplated countless story arcs, considered the merit of scene upon scene…all to settle into an informed vote. While doing so we see that, though there are many excellent performances that deserve a shot at winning, there’s usually one portrayal, script or cast that stays with you, like a lovers perfume, and stands out as exceptionally deserving of the award in question.

Michigan is such a cast. Our Incentive successes are such a script, and the diligence and impressive work ethic of our actors, crews and related agencies are such portrayals.

So, if you watch the Awards on TNT or TBS tonight and wonder what that lingering, lovely scent wafting through the show is…

…why, it’s the scent of ‘made in Michigan’, of course.


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