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SAG-AFTRA 2014 three year contracts with Film, TV & Cable approved 92% of votes

SAG-AFTRA members
SAG-AFTRA members

On Aug. 23, 2014, the national voting had finished for paid up members of the “Screen Actors Guild” (SAG) & the American Federation of Television and Rado Artists (AFTRA). The new three year contract “SAG/AFTRA codified basic agreement” & the “SAG/AFTRA TV agreement.” Both covered theatrical, primetime & basic cable productions.

SAG/AFTRA members voted “yes” with 92.12% of the votes & “no” with 7.88% of the votes. This includes Native American union members as well. SAG/AFTRA sent out voter cards to 137,000 international union members. 16% percent responded with votes. The new contract went into effect July 1, 2014 & will run until June 30, 2017.

SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard said, “Once again, we have made history. With the approval of the first-ever SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement, we have reached yet another of the goals we set when we merged. I am thankful to all members who participated throughout this process and the dedicated staff of SAG-AFTRA who worked to insure our new contract would usher us into the next generation of entertainment and new media production.”

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director & Chief Negotiator David White said, “This is a terrific result for our first TV/Theatrical negotiation as a merged union. I want to thank the SAG-AFTRA members and staff who dedicated their time and tireless effort to these negotiations. We emerged with solid financial gains and with a structural foundation that supports the union's strategic goals well into the future.”

According to the public email sent to paid up union members. “SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers reached a tentative agreement in July on the deal that provides...,”

• Gains of $200 million in wages;

• An 8.5-percent wage increase compounding to 8.7 percent; 2.5 percent in the first year, 3 percent in the second year and 3 percent in the third year;

• Advances in Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) coverage, including a brand-new residual for on-demand viewing;

• Reduction of unpaid online streaming windows for most shows; and

• An increased contribution rate percentage to our benefits plans and a mechanism to facilitate the merger of the health plans.

“The agreement covers film and digital television programs, motion pictures and new media productions.”

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