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Saffron Road's chickpea snacks are world-class and NON-GMO

I’m nothing if not a legendary snack aficionado. From the humdrum cheese on crackers to concoctions reminiscent of something straight out of Dune, I bathe in glutinous randomness. This said, Saffron Road has, again, knocked it out of the proverbial park with their crunchy chickpea snacks. From Falafel to Wasabi, each miniscule granule of piquancy is cordially welcomed by your taste-buds. I was lucky enough to try a handful of different flavors but there were two that I have obtained a habit for.

From Wasabi to Falafel, the world is at your snacking hands!
Always delicious, Saffron Road's chickpea snack are remarkable

The chickpeas come in resealable 6 - 8 oz. bags that are perfectly convenient. Every chickpea is suffused in this rich, glowing, even euphoric powder of distinguishable essence. Every chickpea is somehow dried and flavored with absolute perfection and I must mention their certified Halal too. Needless to say these addictive little nibbles lasted a short while within my cabinets but the memory they leave is nothing short of remarkable. As stated, I tried five different favors (Falafel, Korean BBQ, Bombay Spice, Wasabi and Chipotle) and while all five were stupendous, the Bombay Spice and Falafel flavors were so good they figuratively forced me to describe them to you.

The Bombay Spice chickpeas reminded me of the first time I experienced Indian cuisine - the aroma of homemade curry, Tikka Masala, so on and so forth. However these little bite sized snacks were so drenched in flavor, the aroma of the curry acted like a palate cleanser in the best possible way. The spice level was absolutely perfect and the actual taste of the chickpea itself was crisp and unabated. It wasn’t because I was hungry at the time, I actually wasn’t, but the idea of chomping on a bite-sized taste of India was something I couldn’t resist and I’m glad the bag is empty.

Now on to the Falafel flavored chickpeas, which, give me a second…ok, they’re officially gone. Thank God too as I could down at least 4-5 bags of this stuff. Let me preface by saying I am a Falafel junkie and anything short of a Falafel flavored brick I’ll eat. This said, I was in no way disappointed at the accuracy of the flavor. I mean that unpretentiously, seriously, these little chickpeas give you so much of that flaky, turmeric, curry inspired flavor you yearn for and almost makes you feel bad when you put the bag down.

Saffron Road’s product line almost angers me because it is so damn good and I want to buy it all up, taste everything. With that, these cute little chickpeas are another devilish snack I can’t put down but it is in good taste, literally.

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