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Saffron Road crunchy chickpeas, a journey to a flavorful snack

Crunchy Chickpeas by Saffron Road
Crunchy Chickpeas by Saffron Road
Cristine Struble

Snacking is a guilty pleasure. Usually, the crunchy, flavorful snacks served in a favorite bowl may not be the best nutritional choice. From too much salt to fat content, the moment of snacking goodness can leave hours of guilt. Luckily, a company has created a delicious snacking option without the guilt. The answer is Saffron Road.

Saffron Road, maker of world cuisine products, offers crunchy chickpeas in convenient snacking packages. The chickpea is a major source of protein and nutrition. A gluten free, verified non-GMO product, this crunchy savory snack is a better snacking choice. Saffron Road offers a variety of flavors of crunchy chickpeas including Korean BBQ, Chiptole Chickpeas, Bombay Spice and Wasabi.

While these crunchy chickpeas are delicious on their own, these nibbles make perfect add-ons. Toss a few on a garden salad or add a handful into a wrap sandwich for extra texture. Just a couple can add flavor and depth to a traditional dish.

Two favorite flavors in the crunchy chickpea line are Chipotle and Korean BBQ. The Chiptole flavor has a smokey, spicy quality. The Mexican inspired flavor works perfectly as a crunchy topping for a taco salad, an add-in to a burrito, or as an alternative to corn chips. The Korean BBQ brings the flavors of a Korean dish, bulgogi, to a snack. The flavor blends soy sauce, pear juice, sesame oil, garlic and red pepper. It is a sweet and savory combination that brings you wanting more.

Saffron Road products, including the crunchy chickpeas, are available at a variety of retailers and online. For more information, please visit the company's website.