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Safety in wintertime sports and exercise

Winter sports are fun for this season but some things are required for the exuberant partaker. Safety is paramount and there are some ways to provide for safety in winter exercises.

Snow skiing is a fun winter sport. It is best to get a trainer for initial time on the slopes. Dress warm, in layers and wear a head covering and gloves. Proper equipment is necessary and should be inspected for safety. Don’t go up on slopes alone. Ski slopes that are within your capability. Avoid going up in snow storms or when avalanches are prevalent.

Ice hockey is another fun winter time sport. Wearing warm clothing is again necessary. Equipment should be inspected for safety. Rules of the sport need to be observed.

Ice skating is another outdoor winter time sport. Having a good pair of ice skates and wearing warm clothing are prerequisites.

Cross country skiing is also a winter tine sport and may not have as many risks inherent as snow skiing. Wearing warm clothing and having proper equipment is necessary.

Indoor basketball is popular in winter. Having a good pair of shoes is probably the most important thing.

So plan for safety in your winter time sports and have fun!!!

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