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Safety Tips during Inclement Weather

Cars go off the road after snowstorm
Cars go off the road after snowstorm
Photo: AP/Josh Anderson

Slippery spots are common as snow melts and refreezes, which can become a very hazardous situation. As snow storms continue to be in the forecast, individuals with disabilities will find it more difficult to travel.

However, there are several precautions they can take to ensure their safety. These steps are listed below:

  1. Use no-skid covers on shoes
  2. Make sure all ramps and no-skid mats are cleared
  3. Try to stay indoors or use public transportation if there is a need to travel
  4. Always try to have someone with you for added safety
  5. Always have plenty of melting salt before the snow starts falling
  6. Plan ahead and keep alert on the weather forecasts
  7. Watch the roadways where slick spots are most prominent
  8. Keep warm, wear layers

Also, there are safety measures that can be taken to make sure any equipment that is used on a daily basis continues to operate properly. These include:

  1. Make sure you have good tire traction on wheelchairs and scooters
  2. Keep batteries well-charged
  3. Always have a clean towel on hand to wipe off snow
  4. Keep all cushions and mats dry in between uses
  5. Look at your modified van owner's manual for vehicle care
  6. Do not drive equipment over piles of snow

All of these steps are also useful if you have an elderly loved one in your care.

Remember to always check your local news station or internet site(s) for upcoming forecasts, school/business closings, tips, and snowfall accumulation. Some of these sites are listed below:



  • Tina Amato 5 years ago

    What great advice! Thanks Cindy!

  • Donna 5 years ago

    "Always have a clean towel on hand to wipe off access snow"

    Did you mean excess??????

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